Category Graphic and Design
OS Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7,
Windows installer Snagit.exe - 291.58MB
Mac installer Snagit.dmg - 210MB
Language English (United States)

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Top Features of Snagit App

Snagit comes with variety of features like Animated Gifs
image capturing, editing and many more..


Image-capturing Methodology

Snagit allows you to take a screenshot or record a video via a robust image-capturing methodology. It involves various techniques, including full-screen selection, selecting specific areas of the screen, choosing a menu, selecting the text, as well as selecting a panoramic function.


Rich Editing Components

Snagit editor is comprehensive and easy to use. An image captured can be edited and improvised by changing its size, adding annotations, or adding borders, among other effects. Other than that, it also has features to let you create a video using captured screenshots.


Audio recorder

Snagit makes it possible for you to add audio to your output images or videos. You can either use a microphone or simply extract an audio clip that you may have on your system already.


Why Snagit Stands Out

Animated GIFs: Have any short recordings? Snagit can help you quickly turn it into an animated GIF and add it anywhere you need. The software has custom tools to turn video clippings (.mp4) into GIFs.

  • Seamless sharing options: Snagit offers a world of ease when sharing the output images and videos. It supports various formats, including PNG, JPEG, WebP, MP4, and more, as well as lets you publish your photos or videos to Outlook, Gmail, Facebook, and YouTube.

  • Intuitive and lightweight: Snagit has a consistent UI and is easy to navigate. Besides, it is light and doesn’t bog down your system resources, which is a big plus.

  • Compatible with Windows and Mac: Snagit is compatible and runs smoothly on both Windows and Mac computers. Almost all Snagit features are the same on Windows and Mac, except for a few. For example, the watermark feature is available only for Windows users, whereas the reflection effect is exclusive to Mac users.
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Snagit: Pros and Cons

Every tool, software comes with some merits and demerits. So we have listed out some Pros and Cons of this amazing tool.

  • Support

    Support for panoramic scrolling, which simply means that you can grab vertical and horizontal scrolls, long chats, extensive webpages, and more.

  • Seamless Sharing

    Allows to create and share custom and themed templates.

  • Storage

    Cloud storage and Wi-Fi sync are available.

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Download Snagit for Windows PC in easy steps

Downloading Snagit for Windows PCs can be done in two ways:

Method One: Directly from the official website

  • Step 1 - Visit this link


  • Step 2

    Choose "Free Trial" under the "Download Snagit for Windows” button.


  • Step 3

    Simply follow the instructions on the screen to download and install Snagit.



FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Techsmith allows you to download the free version of Snagit, which is limited to 15 days, a single-computer use for evaluation and review purposes, and includes a watermark. You must create a Techsmith account to download Snagit’s free trial. You must buy the paid version if you wish to continue using Snagit for more than 15 days.

Snagit is available for $62.99, and for the minimum price, you can only use it on two devices. It includes the first year of maintenance fee, multi-language support, Windows and Mac compatibility, free upgrade to the next version, Snagit certification course, and fully-functional chat, email, and phone support. If you choose to renew the package after the first year, the maintenance charge is $12.60 per year. Those who own the software can upgrade to the latest 2023 version for $34.99, including a license for the following year. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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